I will be running for a US Senate seat in Arizona in 2022.

Make America New Again. Make A New America!

I will be running for a US Senate seat in Arizona in 2022.

February 28, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Also, I did NOT withdraw from any of the previous races. Due to an outdated ballot access system, sometimes ballot gathering is incorrectly listed as a withdrawal. However, I did NOT withdraw, I was cheated by a poor system.

You should not have to gather a single signature – especially in the pandemic era where the Covid-19 virus is still rampant due to being mishandled by our current system – all candidates should be guaranteed ballot access, full funding, and debate access/platforming. Elections should be based on debates and democracy, not just for the two “main parties” but for anyone who wishes to participate. Then the people can decide who wins, once they know who all of the canddidates are, once they know what their policies and ideas are! That’s what democracy is. That’s what representation is. But we don’t have that in our current USA. Instead we have FAKE democracy, FAKE republic which is really an oligarchy.

This time! This is the time we will finally, permanently change that.
We will take the power back and Make A New America!

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