Brittain for US Senate is now on Parler and Telegram.

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Brittain for US Senate is now on Parler and Telegram.

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  1. Al Brewster says:

    I write to you today to express my growing concerns and to hopefully inform you of my now held belief that appointed Senator Martha McSally does not possess the necessary strength of character that one should expect of a United States Senator and should not be returned to that position in 2020. This belief was formed over the past 4 months as explained below and in the attached supporting letters.
    Senator McSally announced during a Senate Armed Services hearing on March 6, 2019 that she had been raped while on active duty in the United States Air Force and while she later reported the incident to her senior officer, no actions were ever taken. She later made a statement that she planned to take a “leadership role”, based on her personal experience, in authoring new legislation that would ensure DOD individuals received justice in every rape case. Such legal actions would, of course, both require that the raped individual IDENTIFY AND TESTIFY against the rapist.
    When I watched her testimony on TV, I was immediately shocked that such a travesty could have occurred in one of the U S Military Services that I had dedicated my life to for 28 years. My immediate reaction was to come to her aid, and I therefore wrote the first attached letter to the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee- asking them to join together in opening an investigation in order to at least identify, and if possible due to time limitations, prosecute both her rapist and the officer who took no action. Not hearing from either of the above, I then wrote to my own senior Texas Senator asking for his assistance in moving this action forward. Amazingly, I did NOT RECEIVE even an acknowledgement from Senator Cornyn and began to wonder if something was going on in the “background” that I was not aware of.
    Those suspicions were confirmed when I finally received a response to my Sec Def letter- from the USAF’s “Director, Air Force Judiciary” dated May 3, 2019 (3rd letter) in which he stated, “The Air Force is not currently investigating the allegation made by Senator McSally, in accordance with her wishes. (emphasis added) The Air Force remains prepared to investigate this case further should the current situation change.” SO, ALL THE “LACK OF ACTION” APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN SPECIFICALLY AT THE REQUEST OF SENATOR MCSALLY THAT NO ACTION BE TAKEN!
    You might imagine the shock this information caused for me. Here she was, proposing to be the “Leader” -with her “Macho Fighter Pilot” background- asking other service women to step forward, identify and testify against their rapist- YET SHE APPARENTLY DOES NOT HAVE THE PERSONAL CHARACTER AND STRENGTH TO DO SO HERSELF! Not only did that cause me to have 2nd thoughts- it made me wonder if her reluctance was perhaps based on the fact that the rape might never have occurred! That she had fabricated the story, for telling at the Congressional Hearing, as a means of drawing attention to herself and creating the image of a “battered woman” for sympathy! I had, nor still have no way of knowing, so again reached out on May 21, 2019 to her- specifically asking why she had this request into the USAF and how could she expect others to step forward, when she refused to do so! (4th letter). When she again ignored my letter, I then on June 12, 2019 sent a “final letter” warning her that if she failed to respond NLT June 22, 2019 (5th letter), that I would be forced to do a 180 degree turn from my initial desire to “protect her”, to one of telling the voters of Arizona that she lacks the character to be in such a leadership role. This letter accomplishes that issue and I hope it has an impact on the Arizona 2020 Senatorial elections, as you deserve better representation in the Senate.

    Brig. Gen. Al Brewster USMC (Ret)
    1834 Vista Creek Dr
    Frisco, TX
    P.S. In my 13 years as a Lobbyist in DC, I worked and traveled with a huge number of both House and Senate members. Most were of outstanding character- and the ones who were not, did not last long. I hope this is the case for Martha McSally!

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