Amnesty McSally drafts bill to give $4.5 Billion in aid to illegals

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Amnesty McSally drafts bill to give $4.5 Billion in aid to illegals

May 3, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Amnesty McSally, who previously voted for HB 6136 which would have given amnesty to over 2.2 million illegals (June 27, 2018), now wants to give the entire suggested White House budget recommended for DHS, ICE, CBP, and enforcement to illegals in the form of medical care, clothing, housing, and other aid. This is another effective grant of amnesty as illegals are caught in Yuma, Douglas and San Luis on a regular basis, and then given free transportation to Phoenix, Tucson and other cities/towns, prior to their release into our general population. The USA cannot support amnesty, we must fix our immigration laws without giving free rides that we cannot afford to illegals.

We need to build the wall, and we need to make sure the Federal Government takes an average of 2 years to know if someone is legal or not, rather than the current 12 year waiting period. Over 70% of the illegals in the US have been here over a decade, and filed to become legal long ago. However, the current crop of border-crossing illegals has created a backlog. We must end the backlog and simplify the immigration process. You are either legal, and can stay, work, provide and contribute to our economy, or you must return after an acceptable period of time. We can make allowances based on effort, but we can NEVER offer amnesty. I will resolve the backlog without amnesty. Vote Brittain for US Senate 2020.

– Craig R. Brittain
US Senate Candidate


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