Defense and Foreign Policy

America First:

Ending foreign wars and foreign aid, getting us out of the United Nations (which has engaged in sex trafficking in multiple countries and infected over one million people in Haiti with Cholera, according to Yale University.)

Building the Wall to fill in the gaps in our border.

Stopping gang crime, which makes up the majority of violent crime in the US.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: The Federal Government takes 5-15 years on average to figure out if someone is in the US legally. 

Repealing the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the  Brady Bill, returning to the Full Second Amendment.

National Stand Your Ground and Castle Defense. Repealing Gun Free Zone legislation. Untying the hands of citizens to protect themselves against violent crime. 

Anti-surveillance laws, protecting US citizens from foreign and domestic surveillance and investigation, stopping the rise of identity theft.

Bringing all troops home.

Economic and Social Policy

It’s Your Money:

Ending the Federal Reserve, repealing the Federal Reserve Act, converting to Full Reserve Banking to protect the full value of your money, creating a level playing field for small businesses in the corporate landscape of America.

Balancing the Federal Budget via Debt Brake – no more waste!

Protecting your liberty and freedom of speech from those who would compromise it on Social Media and mainstream media. 

Guaranteeing you the ability to be heard in the press and not to have your job or business taken away because of your political opinions or beliefs.

Ending all trade deals, ending the FTC and giving citizens full control of all of their own money and how they spend it.

Encouraging the creation of new independent Credit Unions and the rise of Full Reserve Banking, as well as removing regulations against the use of cryptocurrency, while protecting the money of individuals.

Repealing regulations against 24/7/365 banking.

Technology and Energy Policy

America’s Future:

Guaranteed tax credits for energy producers and developers to ensure America has the best technology in the world. A repeal of regulations that keep us behind developed nations like China and Korea via telephonic, technologic and television standards. 

Full Home Satellite/Fiber Optic access for all US internet users.

Bridging the gap between small businesses and the ability to create television networks.

Ending the FCC, which has failed at properly regulating  technology and communications.

Ending the TSA, and assigning airport security to the US Armed Forces.

Removing regulations which prevent the advance of private transportation models, enabling people to commute more effectively.

Addressing true Climate Change – a natural 300-year weather pattern charted by the IPCC, without caving to alarmism/extremism.

Liberty, Justice, Medicine Policy

No More Injustice:

Possession of Firearms or any Medicines/Substances will no longer be a crime, and anyone currently incarcerated for strictly non-violent crimes will be released and their sentence commuted to restitution/repayment.

Full repeal of victimless crimes and a ban on victimless crime penalties.

Ending The Gun War and The Drug War. 

Enabling law enforcement to focus strictly on crimes with victims and get tough on violent crime, homicide, domestic violence and gang activity.

Removing the US regulations that currently prohibit us from becoming a Private Supplemental Care nation instead of a nation with a broken public health system.

A specialized approach to inner city and urban community problems for those affected by systemic issues like disparate impact and police brutality.

Full Criminal Justice Reform.

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