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Immediate Care for Veterans. Peace and Security for Citizens.

No more waiting for the VA for care. Craig’s platform includes a bill that will give veterans immediate access to private healthcare.  

Craig will work directly with President Trump, Vice President Pence and others to make sure No Veteran is Left Behind. 

Craig also strongly believes in the US military as a defensive force and not the world’s police. We will bring the troops home and stop fighting Endless Wars. 

He will also author a bill allowing citizens to defend their borders according to Trump’s “Build The Wall” plan. 

Ending Taxation and the Federal Reserve. Protecting Speech.

Craig will work to repeal the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act.  He will also push for a revolutionary but economically sound balanced budget via a Debt Brake.

The Federal Government, like the citizens it governs, cannot be allowed to spend money that it does not have and “pass the buck” to the working and middle class who are already stretched thin. 

Craig believes the First Amendment protects all speech without limits. He will repeal many unconstitutional regulations on speech.

Grandfathering Government Programs.

Craig will author a Constitutional Amendment which allows individuals to opt out of any government program that they do not wish to participate in or give money to, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and guarantee full immediate refunds to citizens who paid into government programs.

Those who wish to remain on those programs will not be affected.

Decriminalization of Non-Crimes.

Gun ownership is an inalienable right. Craig will extend the Second Amendment via a bill which nullifies “Gun Free Zones”, allows National Open Carry and removes any regulations regarding firearms, as well as any prohibitions from firearm ownership.

Craig will also fully decriminalize marijuana via a new Constitutional Amendment (similar to the 21st Amendment which ended Prohibition), and move to treat drug addiction as a medical issue rather than a crime, ending a costly Drug War and saving countless lives.

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Latest News

9/10/2017: Craig R. Brittain officially announces his US Senate candidacy.

Great New Podcast Interview with Jerome Danner

Craig R. Brittain has appeared on the great Jerome Danner podcast (Thinking It Through), you can listen to the interview by going to this link: Episode 61 – Craig Brittain[…]

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Gaining traction, the grassroots campaign of the future!

Our total campaign spend has been under $350 and we are polling regularly between 10-30%! This is amazing news for our campaign. You can donate or volunteer and help us[…]

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November 3, 2017 0

Who is Craig R. Brittain? Candidate Bio

Craig R. Brittain is a technology entrepreneur, election influencer free speech activist, journalist and CEO. He was born on November 9th, 1984. He holds a 2-year degree from Pikes Peak[…]

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October 22, 2017 0

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